Personal statement

Experimentalist artist. I develop several styles simultaneously, I think that the most important thing in art is freedom. I work in series, each series is a separate finished project, the projects are not connected in any way neither style nor content. Experimenting and setting new challenges is my way to explore the world and to evolve.

2022,  Cloud of dreams, Rostokino gallery, Moscow, Russia

2022, City of Lonely 2.0, Zubovsky Boulevard, Moscow, Russia

2022, pro. Youth, Baranov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022, Cherchez la femme, St. Petersburg, Russia
2022, TOGETHER, All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts, Moscow, Russia
2022, "Molodezhka XLI", Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2022, "The city is lonely", GAMMA gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022, Golden Antip, West Wing of the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2021, "Autumn Exhibition", OMC, Moscow, Russia
2021, Moscow and Muscovites, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2021, Exhibition by Mood Act in SMENA 2.0., Moscow, Russia
2021 , “Molodezhka XLI”, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2021, 'Small Scale Sculpture' at Moscow Artists Union, Moscow Russia
2021, 'Sbornaya Solyanka' at Alipove Gallery (online)
2020, 'Moscow and the Moscovites', at Moscow Department of Russia Artists Union
2020, 'Wet Paint' at Colors of Humanity Gallery (online)
2020, 'Molodezhka XL' at at Moscow Department of Russia Artists Union (online)


2021, Boomergallery
2021, WWA # 6


2022, Conducted a master class "Create your own Art object" for the Moscow Urban Forum in the Manege, Moscow, Russia

Born in 1999 in Omsk, Russia. I currently live and work in Moscow. At the moment I am studying at the 6th year of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute Surikov in the workshop of A. I. Rukavishnikov. The beginning of my active exhibition activity coincided with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020.

Education :

2017 - 2023 - Moscow State Academic Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov
April 2019 - Art Retreat with Romolo del Deo, Pietrasanta, Italy

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